Hello! This is the Campaign for the Arcuius Isles. The Arcius Isles are a series of islands that are a 2 day trip off of the mainland. Many islands are covered in Ruins that are said to hold treasure, though they are mainly inhabited by the wildlife of the surrounding rainforests ( Similar to that of North America), And some Baddies that take over the odd island for a hideout. The large towns that do Survive are mostly on coasts, though the largest city is built to take over the Main Island.

Eyldis is a Floating City mostly man and magic made.The island was mostly destroyed and sunken in an ancient war between the mages of the mainland and those of the Islands. The Island mages had protected thier city so well that the structure stays strong though much of it is below the water.

Run by King Farrow, the massive City is at the centre of the string of Islands. It is well known that the Mages were worshipers of Verenestra and it’s is believed that the islands welfare is in the hands of the Goddess, therefore the city is filled with many temples worshipping Verenestra. The City is mainly compsed of Artists, Pirates, and largely depends on Trade.

It is a beautiful city, with many of the buildings covered in vines and moss. Many of the inhabitants live on the flora that grow on thier own buildings, and fresh water is irrigated from the creeks running from the mountain top. The city thrives! But lately there have been siteings of strange creatures in the water…

Arcius Isles